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Get access to same day funding up to $250,000

Our program is a merchant cash advance loan. We review your monthly payment processing statement and provide you cash upfront depending on the amount of revenue you generate! Rates are as low as 7%! 

Program details

  • Up to $250,000
  • Same day funding 
  • Age 18 and older 
  • Restaurants, auto repair preferred


  • Up to $250,000

  • Same day funding

  • Age 18 and older

  • Restaurants and auto repair businesses preferred

(833) 439-7293

available from 9AM TO 5 PM PST

Email info@fuzefinancial.com


Answer a few questions and submit your application for approval - from your Smartphone!


You'll receive a text and email with your approval within minutes of applying.


Use the capital to purchase more inventory, update equipment or working capital!

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