Increase sales and merchant retention. No cost to your gateway or ISO. Empower your reps with our proprietary solutions. 

Turn Every POS and E-Commerce Checkout into a Text Message Marketing and Review Generation Tool

Online Review Generator

More good reviews, less bad ones.

Schedule SMS & MMS Campaigns

Upload customer lists, send marketing and online review campaigns

Works with any POS

From Dejavoo Z8 to Clover, FuzeReview is compatible with every major POS

E-Commerce Compatible

Empower your online store with FuzeReview

Customer and Business Experience

1. Customer swipes card at business

2. FuzeReview automates a customizable text message to customer with an experience rating

3. Customers response determines next step

4. Good responses are directly translated into good reviews on Yelp, Google and more. Bad responses are sent confidentially back to the business

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does this only work on certain payment terminals?

FuzeReview integrates directly with the gateway, therefore it works on most every point of sale terminal – including Clover!

Is there a cost to our ISO or Gateway?

There are no costs to your ISO or Gateway! We offer ISOs and gateways wholesale pricing which includes a small monthly fee billed to the merchant monthly as a line item on their processing statement. The ISO and agent can markup these fees. 

Do you offer sales training?

Yes, we offer sales training on a weekly basis. As part of our onboardining we perform a company-wide sales training program as well as equip your support team with tools to handle the top ten most common sales rep and merchant questions. 

Can my ISO and Rep earn money from these services?

Yes, we offer wholesale rates to ISOs and reps and you can markup these fees.  This is a great service to offer existing merchants to monetize dormant accounts and increase retention. 

How can we get started?

To get started, fill out the contact form below to schedule a demo. Then, our integrations team sets up your ISO account and you can start boarding accounts.

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